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UAV Aerial Drones Survey Training School, Company in India

UAV Aerial Drone Training School , COMPANY In Delhi India

Photogrammetry is one amongst the technology of geomatics. that is specialize to get reliable geospatial info i.e. information from pictures. photogrammetrists analyze aerial and terrestrial images | Aerial Photo | to get info a couple of object and therefore the atmosphere. the foremost common utilization of photogrammetry i.e. Best Drone rental Company | Ninja | Mi drone| DJI Pro DRONE PHANTOM-4 Camera| drone on rent drone with operator  is within the production of base maps from aerial photography and Videography for numerous comes.

Aerial photography | listed Company in Delhi | Videography | Photogrammetry area unit within the news currently a days due to activity numerous commendable task like to manage Flood, management of crowd. Addition to higher than, this may be used for lowland or pit observation. The crucial the situation of ore bodies or crucial planned locations for utilities, like pipelines and transmission lines, generating contour. There are several uses for non-aerial or close-range photogrammetry.


These embrace digital modelling for beaux arts restoration. The medical imaging for rhetorical sciences and surgery, information assortment for structural stability studies of bridges and electricity dams. Therefore the documentation of traffic accidents and crime scenes by police departments.

we offer our focus-Best Drone rental Company | Ninja | Mi drone| DJI Pro DRONE PHANTOM-4 Camera| drone on rent drone with operator.  We provide our services in Calcutta in state of province, Mumbai state of geographic area, Udaipur and Jaipur within the state of Rajasthan, Delhi NCR. In Addition to this  the other area are Gurugram In Haryana, urban center in Karnataka and Dehradun in Uttarakhand, District Bijnor In Uttar Pradesh.

we cover the basic of Drone, simulator training, and filed training on live projects.

  • Drone Basic Knowledge.

  • Drone Simulator Training 

  • Drone Pilot Training.

  • Drone Flight Plan Training.

  • Drone live project Training.

The most services providing fields at GPR Survey Services 3D Laser Scanning, Geomatics Survey, Plot Demarcation SurveyGIS Mapping Services | Remote Sensing Technologies, Solar Panel InspectionAgriculture and Soil Mapping ServicesPoint Cloud to BIMAerial Lidar Survey, Bathymetric Survey Services Provider Company in Delhi India,  Hydrographic survey | Multi beam| Single beam Echo sounder. I

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Address: M-32 Basement, Jamia Nagar Okhla,

New Delhi 110025

Phone: 9636723732


Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm
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