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Photogrammetry, technique that uses photographs for mapmaking and surveying. As early as 1851 the French inventor Aimé Laussedat perceived the possibilities of the application of the newly invented camera to mapping. But it was not until 50 years later that the technique was successfully employed.

 - Aimé Laussedat - 


RDMT: Raynas Drone Manufacturing and Training School is the unit of RAYNAS. which suppliers, dealers, companies, retailers of  all drone and geomatics tools. The tool  like software machine Total Station,3D Laser Scanner, Lidar Technology, RADAR  and remote sensing data and GIS Software.

New Drone | Hire Drone on Rent | Drone Training | UAV Mapping Software | Geo-tech Instrumentation | Civil Instruments.

We  are typed with DJI and Ideaforge Company for dealing the drone and related Software. Hire DJI PHANTOM-4 drone on rent | drone with operator | Camera on rent | Best Drone rental Company | dji Drone rental |Delhi India 110025.

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